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How to popup a UIPickerView from the bottom of a UIScrollView in response to UITextField selection

Add a UIPickerView and have it popup into screen when the user clicks on a UITextField. All done using UIActionSheets

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I can’t click on the UIButton at bottom of UIScrollView

How do I click on the UIButton at the bottom of the UIScrollView? It doesn’t work?

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My Terminal Cheat Sheet

Copy to remote: scp mylocal.file [email protected]:/home/jordan/mylocal.file Copy from remote: scp [email protected]:/home/remote.file remote.file Postgres dump: pg_dump myDBname > myDumpFile.dmp Postgres restore: psql myDbname < myDumpFile.dmp SVN Life Cycle Add project to svn: svn import project http://host_name/svn_dir/repository_name/project -m “First Import” example: svn import pricespy svn://wetware.co.nz/subversion/pricespy -m “Inital Import” Add files to svn: svn add file1 file2 file3 […]

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iPhone Objective C UIView from Nib (xib) in UIScrollView in UITabBarController

So, thats a huge assed title.  Hopefully it got you here from Google tho, as intended. If you are here, you have probably scoured the internet for an answer to the above title. I have a UIView that I want in a UIScrollView, that is in a UITabbedView Controller AND I want to load the […]

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What do you fly?

OS: Ubuntu 7.10 64bit VPS on Virtuozzo with Open host Two CPU’s 384mb Ram (no swap) OS: Ubuntu 9.04 on Xen One CPU, 400mb Ram (with some swap) Now moved to Rimuhosting.com Apache2 PHP Rails Enterprise Edition Phusion Passenger™ MySql Postgresql

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Iphone UIWebView HTTP Basic Authentication

So I need to send a user to a page that requires a login. I want to save those details in the app and send them with the initial request. But HOW? #import "NSData+Additions.h" @implementation Utility + (void) addAuthToWebRequest:(NSMutableURLRequest*)requestObj email:(NSString*)email password:(NSString*)password{ NSString *authString = [[[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@:%@", email, password] dataUsingEncoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding] base64Encoding]; authString = [NSString stringWithFormat: @"Basic […]

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Objective C (java)Static

So I have wanted some static variables (along the lines that Java implements it).  After a while I found my answer. DatabaseConfig.h @interface DatabaseConfig : NSObject { // Database variables } + (NSString*) databaseName; + (void) setDatabaseName:(NSString*)dbName; + (NSString*) databasePath; + (void) setDatabasePath:(NSString*)dbPath; DatabaseConfig.m static NSString *databaseName; static NSString *databasePath; @implementation DatabaseConfig + (NSString*)databaseName{ return […]

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Objective Resource to the rescue

So I’m working on a top secret military iPhone app to be deployed in a top secret location… Anyway, it needs to interact with a rails app.  Googled around, found objective resource which is a great objc port of Active Resource. Now, I needed to man handle it a bit for what I want it […]

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