Google Native Client

Google has been working on a product which will slowly change the delivery and usage of native applications.  See here

What do I mean?  Well 10 years ago, you went to your local computer shop and purchased whatever software you wanted.  Took it home, installed and then used it.  The following release you would go back and buy the next version.  About 5 years ago we started to see the emergence of web apps.  You login and your browser is your functioning app.  We see that in Googles apps, GoogleDocs etc.

This native client will be an extension of that.  If you haven’t used the web apps you will know they are slow.  They generally are running Javascript, which, is, slow.  That’s fine though, it wasn’t meant for NN’s or calculating PI.  Well now we might want to simulate NN’s in a browser or calculate PI.  We want to use apps that are up to date and require no effort from you user to setup and use.

I see the Native Client fitting into the current Web App model rather well.  It will allow more complicated tasks to be completed with installing software to your computer, portability of your work, but more importantly portability of the tools you use to work is now just on the horizon of technology.  When Native Client is released, which is still very far off (currently in the ‘research’ phase) we will see an explosion of apps using it to their benefit.

I think this is the large step towards complete computer portability.

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