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Stress Test – Burn in test – For hard drives

I have recently purchased some hard drives to easily backup some files. Basic data duplication and then taking it off site. It is a short term solution to our backup needs. So we got 3 1TB hard drives and I wanted some way to quickly test them. Update sudo fdisk -l to list all your […]

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Rails Setup – Jaunty 9.04 – Postgres – RMagick – Xapian – Hpricot – Git

Just installed Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 onto my laptop and wanted to note down all the installed packages I ended up using. I haven’t tested this on a clean install, but should all flow nicely. Hopefully will help me next time I fresh install. Will get you setup with rails and some useful libs and plugins. […]

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Boot Windows 7 RC – win7 – From USB Thumb Drive

A very good blog post here about how to do it Here is a recap, you must be in Vista or another Win 7 install.  I used a virtualbox install to do the formatting, then copied the iso files across inside of ubuntu. Step 1: Format the Drive The steps here are to use […]

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Problem with Objective C UITabBar at bottom of Screen

When poping up an UIAction Sheet infront of a UITabBar I had some problems getting the buttons to correctly react to presses. The reason for this turned out to be with the UITabBar having the a listener that was a higher priority than the button on the UIActionSheet. To solve this you have to add […]

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Confusion with simple NString manipulation in Objective C

Coming from a Java background, I’ve found it extremely difficuilt to do any simple String manipulation. My first attempt was NSString *string1  = @"This is a"; NSString *string2 = @" test"; NSString *newString = string1 + string2; As it turns out this doesn’t work so well. After much frustration I found the following solution NSString […]

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Pull A Git Branch from Remote

Up until lately I have been improperly pulling my remote branches to local.  What I mean is I create a new branch locally, push it to remote (GitHub) then pull it onto a designers computer with the following command (this is not how to do it) #DON’T DO THIS git checkout -b < new_branch > […]

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Firefox 3.5 Goodness

As an update to a previous post about Firefox Memory Leak where I said that I frequently saw 1.4GB of ram used by Firefox 3.0. Well I am pleased to announce that I have not seen Firefox memory to anywhere above 512MB!! Well done Firefox Team!  This makes my machine much more bearable and allows […]

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Connect is live

Well after a lot of hard work yesterday I launched a huge feature into our website Made From New Zealand.  I quickly fixed up a couple issues straight after deployment and now everything seems to be ticking along nicely. It is a huge relief getting it up and in the real world where it can […]

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