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I regularly track what Google thinks of my website and how well I am being ranked.  There are a couple methods of tracking this.One method I use is to do a site search using Google’s

search syntax.

This will then return every page Google has of your site in ‘The Index’ and tucked to the right is ‘Results 110 of about 284 from (0.22 seconds)’. The “about 284” is about as good an indication as I can get on how Google feels about my site.

Why is it important?
The more pages you have in Google’s index, the more keywords your site can be found under.  The more keywords, the more people that will visit.  Google limits how many pages it keeps of yours based on a whole bunch of criteria.  Simply put, the more pages Google has and keeps, the more it likes what your doing.

So, why did I tell you all that?  Well I have built a little rails tool which helps keep track of that index count.  It automatically records it daily and gives you a pretty graph.  Soon I will open it up for public consumption.  Check back for news.

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