JEdit – with Textmate abilities!

Being on Ubuntu I no longer have access to Textmate :(

But there is a solution

JEdit is by default nothing too interesting.  Probably less useful than GEdit and harder to use.  But with the right attitude and with a useful guide you can make it so much more.

In the above forum post N0NS3QUiTUR describes how to turn JEdit into a powerful Ruby on Rails text editor for Ubuntu or Windows (and mac..).

Step one, plugins

  1. Ruby Plugin
  2. Project Viewer
  3. Buffer Tabs

Step two, tabs
Utilities => Global Options => Editing:

Step Three, font
Utilities => Global Options => TextArea

That should set you up.  There is more covered in the link above but I didn’t find the other ones useful, and I changed the font to size 12 as I find 18 too big.

Enjoy your free Textmate able editor!

Syntax highlighting comes nowhere close to Textmates cleverness.  I manage without it and I will post a little hack later as how to get .erb files syntax highlighting.

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