Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 Webcam – Logitech for the win – S 5500


Wanting a webcam for my machine to use on skype (Yes, skpye does work on Ubuntu 9.04 64 bit) I wasn’t sure which to buy.  So I didn’t get any, and just got a mic.

Well later one of the office junkys said he had a spare and gave it to me.  A Logitech S 5500, good little web cam.

I dauntingly pluged it in, wondering what Ubuntu had for me..  Nothing happened.. I opened up Skype, clicked on preferences, video devices, and…. THERE I WAS!  Looking back at me, a live video feed.  I plugged in the web cam, and it worked.  No config, no fuss, no notification, just works.  Quickly video called a person, works perfect.  Even the mic on it works (and better than the sole purpose one I got eariler).

Very happy.  Go the Logitech QuickCam S5500!

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