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Problem with Objective C UITabBar at bottom of Screen

When poping up an UIAction Sheet infront of a UITabBar I had some problems getting the buttons to correctly react to presses. The reason for this turned out to be with the UITabBar having the a listener that was a higher priority than the button on the UIActionSheet. To solve this you have to add […]

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Confusion with simple NString manipulation in Objective C

Coming from a Java background, I’ve found it extremely difficuilt to do any simple String manipulation. My first attempt was NSString *string1  = @"This is a"; NSString *string2 = @" test"; NSString *newString = string1 + string2; As it turns out this doesn’t work so well. After much frustration I found the following solution NSString […]

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iPhone OS3

Well its coming.  The promised iPhone OS3, beautifully named I know.  There is much hipe over this release, it brings many many many new features and upgrades. Cut and Paste! Blue Tooth freedom, bring on the multiplayer games! Pushable Notifications to your Apps! So you can now receive an App message just as if it […]

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Objective Resource, Vodafone 3G, HTTP Basic Auth problems

I haven’t posted in a few days, as I haven’t made any progress in the last few days (and haven’t learnt anything!). I got my app working perfect (unbeknown to me only on a wireless connection, iPhone App people, iPHONE!.. keep up.) So it worked perfectly, I installed it on a colleague’s iPhone, then my […]

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iPhone Default.png loading image doesn’t display

I had a problem where the Default.png image wouldn’t load on startup of an iPhone app. I Googled as per normal operation and found someone suggest you do a build -> clean. Worked! So if you have trouble getting your Default.png splash image to load on startup, make sure it is named “Default.png” and not […]

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Upload a photo from iphone with 64 encoding multi part form data

So, this wasn’t easy. I Googled and Googled and got nowhere.  Hopefully because of this post you didn’t look as hard. Eventually I found this a post on the OLBTwitpicEngine source code.  GREAT! I thought, until it didn’t work. I had tried doing this on my own accord with a rails app; upload an iPhone […]

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UIActivityIndicatorView UIActionSheet modal loading screen

How do I show a loading screen?  A modal loading indicator. So you need to do a web request and wait for a response, you don’t want the user to interfere while this is happening?  Welcome UIActionSheet and UIActivityIndicatorView. So I send a multi-form http post request, and need to wait for a response. Just […]

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How to popup a UIPickerView from the bottom of a UIScrollView in response to UITextField selection

Add a UIPickerView and have it popup into screen when the user clicks on a UITextField. All done using UIActionSheets

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