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Compiling Firefox with jssh Support on Ubuntu

sudo apt-get build-dep firefox sudo apt-get install mercurial libasound2-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev libnotify-dev libxt-dev libiw-dev libglu1-mesa-dev hg clone 192src #wait 10 minutes cd mozilla-central gedit .mozconfig mk_add_options MOZ_CO_PROJECT=browser mk_add_options [email protected]@/firefox-jssh ac_add_options –enable-extensions=default,jssh ac_add_options –enable-webservices ac_add_options –enable-application=browser autoconf2.13 cd js/src autoconf2.13 cd ../.. make -f build [sudo apt-get install yasm] [possible errors] /mozilla-central/config/ *** .js component […]

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Factory Farming Possibility in NZ

Get the full story and how to oppose the factory farming

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Attachment_fu file upload from local files

If you need to batch import files into attachment_fu from a local source then you can doing the following l = =>“/home/jordan/Documents/test_project/1.jpg”, “image/jpeg”)) You can encapsulate that in a loop and iterate over a list of files if need be (would be assumed for batch import eh.)  Enjoy!

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Rails Filters Order

Rails has some nice filters for DRYing up repeated actions like creating a activation_code on signup, or an unsubscribe_code, reset code. before_validation_on_update before_validation_on_create validate validate_on_update validate_on_create after_validation after_validation_on_update after_validation_on_create before_save before_update before_create after_update after_create after_save There are many different times when you will want to use these and knowing the order will help a lot […]

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Microsoft Surface – hidden agenda

Microsofts’ Surface technology looks rather cool. A good step for innovation from Microsoft but there is something that strikes me as a little fishy. It’s not that this technology could be installed in every surface and watch our every move. The pub, the breakfast table, my work desk, the floor… Nor is it that this […]

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Boot Windows 7 RC – win7 – From USB Thumb Drive

A very good blog post here about how to do it Here is a recap, you must be in Vista or another Win 7 install.  I used a virtualbox install to do the formatting, then copied the iso files across inside of ubuntu. Step 1: Format the Drive The steps here are to use […]

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Pull A Git Branch from Remote

Up until lately I have been improperly pulling my remote branches to local.  What I mean is I create a new branch locally, push it to remote (GitHub) then pull it onto a designers computer with the following command (this is not how to do it) #DON’T DO THIS git checkout -b < new_branch > […]

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Rails Date Formats – strftime

StrFTime Format Codes for Ruby on Rails Year %Y     year with century 2007 %y     year without century 07 %C     century number (year divided by 100) 20 Month %B     full month name January %b     abbreviated month name Jan %h     same as %b Jan %m     month as number (01-12) Week […]

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