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New blog

I’ve setup a new blog over at which is running on golang and to start with has a couple posts about using golang as a web server or how to use templates and some common ways templates are used for html. I will either shutdown this blog or migrate it across.

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Fun HTML5 & Javascript Game – Infection Is an entertaining HTML5 game, nice work!  Now make it multi-player 

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SEO for Large Dynamic sites – II

In my last post SEO for Large Dynamic sites I discussed the first things to do when trying to get your SEO flowing. Why did my traffic go up? – Keywords The method Google uses (from what I have seen in my experience) to penalize you for a bad quality website is to reduce the number of pages it stores […]

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MySQL Admin via SSH Tunnel

Lets create a ssh tunnel into our remote server so that we can connect MySQL Administrator.  This will trick MySQL Administrator into thinking that it has a local connection to the remote machine when it doesn’t.  This is great for getting around having only local MySQL access rights while trying to login from a remote […]

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SEO for large Dynamic sites

Over the last year I have worked very close at improving the SEO for a large dynamic website.  The website has 200k+ pages, 99% of which are user content.  The website currently relies solely on Google traffic and has no large inbound links. Here is some of the things that I have learnt first hand […]

Can’t Access Github behind proxy or Firewall

Use corkscrew to get through the firewall. You will have to install it from source. website: Now edit your ~/.ssh/config file, create it if you haven’t got one. > cat ~/.ssh/config Host gitproxy User git Hostname Port 443 ProxyCommand /usr/local/bin/corkscrew 3128 %h %p IdentityFile /home/jordan/.ssh/id_rsa Now use this proxy when cloning git

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PG_Dump PG_Restore

Dump a remote postgres database and restore it into a local postgres database.  This method dumps first into a local file, then restores into the database.  The reason for doing it this way over piping the data straight into the database locally is that if there is an error in the import you don’t have […]

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glTail – Visual Log Analyzer

glTail is another visual log viewer.  It can in real time (like logstalgia) show you traffic to your site.  glTail does a lot more analytical work before showing you the motion. glTail will show you and track things like Requests per minute from ips HTTP response codes per minute (how many 404’s) How many hits […]

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