Facebook Connect Checklist – What to not overlook

What do you need to consider before adding Facebook Connect to your website? Here I go over some things I encountered.

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How do I use Facebook’s restserver.php?

Facebook’s API is crap.  I am integrating Facebook Connect into our website and I have struggled to no end on working out how to do it!  So as per usual as soon as I work something new out I post it here. So, you want to use Facebook’s API restserver?

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Authenticate Facebook Connect User

Check Facebook Connect Cookies (example below) 2c24418bf8fe35ce3e56bdb81510147e_expires = 1237932000 2c24418bf8fe35ce3e56bdb81510147e_session_key = 3.giQwAnobPPDTc84_y7zuug__.86400.1237932000-705926010 2c24418bf8fe35ce3e56bdb81510147e_ss = x0mM2T_o9B3YG7TfhLGoQQ__ 2c24418bf8fe35ce3e56bdb81510147e_user = 7059246010 2c24418bf8fe35ce3e56bdb81510147e = 6aba0f0fc1f6c3fc0f2f477e9b0b0f93 Remove APP_ID from front of all FB cookies Store FB user_id, session_key and Expected MD5 Hash.  MD5 Hash is the cookie without the extra stuff after the APP_ID (Last in list above) Strip APP_ID […]

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Facebook Connect – send feed dialog to profile

A quick Facebook Connect tutorial showing how to add user login and sending a feed dialog to the FB profile.

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