Serendipity – WordPress with Postgres

I wanted to use postgres with my wordpress installs but as it turns out this isn’t supported and the WordPress guys even refuse to use it.  Sounds a little simple minded to me.

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Postgres vs MySQL

or I have used both MySQL and Postgres and if I was starting a project right now I would probably use Postgres. I have read the wikivs MySQL vs Postgres and there is a lot in there that I understand and a lot that I don’t. What I like about Postgres is that it uses […]

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Rails Migration Data Types – MySql – Postgresql – SQLite

Rails mysql postgresql sqlite :binary blob bytea blob :boolean tinyint(1) boolean boolean :date date date date :datetime datetime timestamp datetime :decimal decimal decimal decimal :float float float float :integer int(11) integer integer :string varchar(255) * varchar(255) :text text text text :time time time datetime :timestamp datetime timestamp datetime

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