ATI Radeon HD 5800 Eyefinity with 24 Monitors

Wanting more than 2 screens up until late has been the realm of the hard core enthusiasts.  Now it is the realm of the enthusiasts.  Check out 4 Radeon HD 5800 in one machine!  This demo is running Ubuntu 9.04 with X-Plane.  Impressive! I think it is not too practical due to the grid lines […]

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Xapian & Ruby Enterprise in Ubuntu

How to fix ‘No Ruby bindings for Xapian installed’ on Ubuntu after upgrading to RubyEnterprise

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Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 Webcam – Logitech for the win – S 5500

Wanting a webcam for my machine to use on skype (Yes, skpye does work on Ubuntu 9.04 64 bit) I wasn’t sure which to buy.  So I didn’t get any, and just got a mic. Well later one of the office junkys said he had a spare and gave it to me.  A Logitech S […]

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Firefox Memory Leak

I have 6gb of ram on my Ubuntu machine.  I thought that I would not need anything more than 4gb but pushed it to 6gb cause I could..  Well I saw Firefox push up to 1.3GB. I realise that linux machines will cache until it runs out of Ram but this wasn’t cache.  This was […]

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