How To – Persist Rails or IRB Console Command History After Exit

Sick of not having Ubuntu rails or irb terminal not saving your command history after exiting the console?  Try this little trick to fix it up! Append into your ~/.irbrc the following

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Get Your Karmic Koala, Round Up Round Up

Go over and get the new Ubuntu release Karmic Koala 9.10 Torrents Karmic Koala Desktop 64 Karmic Koala Desktop 32 I am currently organising the partition on my new hard drive so I can fresh install.  Oh this is taking too long!

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JEdit – with Textmate abilities!

Being on Ubuntu I no longer have access to Textmate But there is a solution

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Ubuntu Timezone

Need to set your servers time zone to your timezone? (even tho it sits on the other side of the planet..) sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata Use the screen provided, it will work via ssh. How easy was that?  Now you can make cron jobs in your own time-zone.

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