Can’t Access Github Behind Proxy Or Firewall

Use corkscrew to get through the firewall. Most firewalls these days will let you through onto port 443 / https / ssl but maybe you're still stuck with a http proxy and no https. You will have to install corkscrew from source.

The website no longer exists. Luckily someone put the code up on github. Follow the instructions to install it.

Now edit your ~/.ssh/config file, create it if you haven’t got one.

Host gitproxy
User git
Port 443
ProxyCommand /usr/local/bin/corkscrew 3128 %h %p
IdentityFile /home/jordan/.ssh/id_rsa

Now use this proxy when cloning git. Make sure to edit the above to use your proxy address where it says

git clone git@gitproxy:jordandcarter/ihavealovelybunchofproject

If you have trouble connecting, cloning, pulling, pushing to and from git through a firewall with a proxy. This should have have solved your problem and allow git to create an ssh tunnel through the http proxy.